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financial domination cams

blackmail slave

financial domination

“This clip is for all you current slaves out there and those of you who will soon be serving us”

Princess Portia and Jasmine Jones are ruthless! Regardless of what you own or how much you earn you will give it all to them… They are doing another interactive clip to give you soulless drones an opportunity to serve your Goddesses.

They are working on their blackmail list and as their drones, you will be another victim for them to completely abuse and humiliate… Eventually you will leave your old life behind, as these spoilt bratty girls are going to TOTALLY EMASCULATE you, transforming you into a SISSY SLUT! They will tell you exactly what they require from you and how you are going to get your personal information to them!

Just to make sure you are NEVER able to leave your new life, you will send them all your details, photos, numbers, pin numbers etc… In case you step out of line or miss a payment your wife friends and colleagues will be informed of your alter ego, and what you do behind closed doors?

Lots of cash deposits is how they prefer to be paid, but all money in whatever capacity is more than welcome. All that money will be building up and up in their accounts as you jerk off to this clip…

” We are going to totally RUIN your life! ”


blackmail slave

blackmail slave

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As a money slave and financial domination Mistress team, we scout out the newest and most Ubermatic generation of real financial domination Mistresses, greedy bitches, cruel Goddesses and all round and mean Princesses. Want a real financial domination Mistress? Look no further. These money Mistresses have the X factor.