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money slavery

financial domination

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in real and complete money slavery to a beautiful, sexy, stunning, demanding, ruthless and greedy money Mistress? Of course you have! You spend many hours wondering what it would be like to be under total erotic and financial domination control by a stunning Goddess like Maya Fox below!

Look at her, she is the epitome of everything you want to surrender too. Watch this video, we dare you! It will get inside your head and start you on your slippery slope into Maya addiction. You will not be able to resist being her money slave! You won’t want to resist!!!

money slavery

money slavery




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As a money slave and financial domination Mistress team, we scout out the newest and most Ubermatic generation of real financial domination Mistresses, greedy bitches, cruel Goddesses and all round and mean Princesses. Want a real financial domination Mistress? Look no further. These money Mistresses have the X factor.